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Enabling Breakthrough Home Sales via Salesforce Cloud and External Integrations

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Spartan Homes is one of the leading organizations providing superior customer service for those buying and selling pre-fabricated homes. Their business has grown leaps and bounds as they provide the American dream of home ownership for an ever growing customer base


Spartan Homes knew they could not grow on their legacy CRM and computing platform. They had to upgrade their entire Sales operation top to bottom, while still being able to keep the business running profitably. Their issues were many:

  • Leads were not being processed fast enough with the old CRM
  • Data captured from the website was often not properly ingested by the legacy CRM
  • The Sales process had evolved away from the old CRM’s ability to evolve with it, thus creating a huge dilemma
  • Staff were not utilizing the legacy CRM, as it was too labor intensive to enter data
  • There were limited connections between digital communications channels; The CRM, the website, email, and SMS 


Proviniti Salesforce personnel did a complete bottom’s up assessment of the existing sales process documenting where the issues and bottlenecks were slowing sales. They then worked with the key members of the Spartan organization to understand their pain points and needs for growth.

Proviniti Salesforce analysts designed a Salesforce solution that eliminated the legacy CRM, migrated legacy data, and provided for an entirely new sales cycle process. Proviniti also integrated Salesforce into the legacy website and data collection to ensure that leads are handled as quickly as possible.  

All this work was done in seamless coordination with Salesforce proper, Spartan mangers and salespeople, and rolled out in stages to support ongoing operations. ​​

Proviniti‘ s Salesforce team took a foundational approach. First, by concentrating on lead integrations, automations and data conversion. Second, by enabling a new sales process that represents true end-to-end of Spartan’s business. Lastly, enabling clear and consistent analytics that have allowed the team at Spartan to make real-time business changes and improvements.


More Sales via a solid Salesforce Implementation: Just buying Salesforce does not guarantee success with the platform. Proviniti’s skilled personnel customized Salesforce for Spartan and provided a series of hooks to further integrate with outside data sources now and in the future. This enabled increased Sales by allowing a streamlined and modern collection of data including leads, emails, communications and legacy data.

Better Information for Salesperson Decisions via Integrated Systems with Salesforce: Proviniti’s engineers built several integrations with Spartan non-sales systems to ensure the data in the organization is being used to maximum efficiency from within Salesforce. This drove a more efficient and cost-effective use of valuable and expensive data assets. 

The path to even more Sales through Automations : As part of the overall strategy and roadmap developed by Proviniti, Spartan can now integrate with banks, manufacturers, credit bureaus and provide real-time digital communications to customers.

Automated Dashboards and Reports: Spartan Managers now have multiple dashboards to measure the velocity of their sales process, determine which customers are the most profitable, identify Salespeople that may need assistance, and which processes and data can be tweaked for maximum efficiency.

Spartan Homes
Spartan Homes
Spartan Managers now have multiple dashboards by which to measure the velocity of their sales process, determine which Salespeople need assistance, and which processes and data can be refined for maximum efficiency
Spartan Homes
“The Spartan Homes project represents a successful engagement between Salesforce and a highly skilled partner in the field, Proviniti. Proviniti engaged Salesforce and Spartan at all the right times to ensure a smooth implementation from start to finish and beyond.”
- Tony Fernicola, President and Chief Customer Officer, Salesforce
Spartan Homes