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Enhance investment strategies, improve customer experience & mitigate risk.

Proviniti helps leading financial institutions embrace innovation and progressive methodologies at multiple points across the asset-management value chain.

Data is essential to how firms operate, and the ability to uncover real-time insights in new, meaningful ways offers a distinct competitive advantage. With decades of experience across all sectors of finance, our team of tenured leaders combine artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, and distributed ledgers to transform how institutions collect, store, share, and utilize data.  

Proviniti can customize data visualizations that communicate complex insights in comprehensible formats for fund analysis, reporting, and risk assessments. We also have the knowledge to implement 
AI-powered financial models that enable M&A and capital markets professionals to rapidly forecast outcomes based on numerous scenarios, providing timely, trustworthy analyses. 

Learn more about how our 
user-centric designs foster data-driven cultures that rely on real-time intelligence for informed decision-making


Data Analytics

Empowering users with self-service access to real-time, actionable insights

Financial Modeling

Apply AI and Machine Learning to enable rapid modeling, testing multiple investment strategies using different scenarios

Risk Mitigation

Combine business intelligence, AI, and data visualizations to customize risk models, ID and prevent fraud while minimizing exposure


Modernize data governance, ensuring data quality, privacy, and security protocols comply with FINRA, SOX

Real-time payments

Leverage blockchain, distributed ledgers, and decentralized computing to reduce costs and reconciliation time of financial transactions

Customer Experience

Align AI, data, and design strategies, building customer-centric solutions that deliver seamless, frictionless, and connected CX

Our clients

Some of the clients we partner with to help build Blockchain applications and services
Blockchain client quote to go in this space soon. This will add some validation to the project and will look good too.
‑ Joe client / Managing Director of Acme Co