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Optimizing last-mile delivery, inventory management, and carbon footprint with IoT and real-time analytics

Digital transformation has become an essential for every aspect of the logistics industry. Breakdowns across supply chains and pandemic-fueled volatility in demand for household goods, car parts, pharmaceuticals, and chip technology, staffing shortages, and rising gas prices are just a few of the issues for which Proviniti solutions are designed to overcome.

Proviniti empowers last-mile delivery operators with data-driven decision-making capabilities. IoT has revolutionized fleet management via analytics, route optimization, and intelligent monitoring. By combining IoT with best-of-breed artificial intelligence, automation, and business intelligence, we empower workers at every touchpoint – from order to warehouse to delivery – with full visibility into fulfillment processes.  

For shipping, inventory management, and carriers, IoT collects and analyzes data in real-time. Refining hauler routes based on historical data can lead to drastic reductions in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. These systems provide precise location and data; tagging trucks, pallets, and inventory provides holistic, up-to-the-minute visibility into what is happening across the supply chain. Knowing exactly where a specific hauler or item is at any given moment lets logistics companies mitigate delays by adapting delivery routes in response to unpredictable changes in traffic patterns caused by accidents, construction, and inclement weather.  

Our team of data intelligence and blockchain experts design intuitive solutions that allow hyper-precise, real-time inventory tracking. For food service, pharma, and other companies that produce perishable items, and for the retailers to whom they sell their goods and services, maximizing product shelf-life is especially critical. Proviniti solutions measure and adapt storage and delivery facilities based on data intelligence. Intuitive dashboards present visualizations that identify inefficiencies and make it easy for stakeholders to understand why and what steps will prevent future bottlenecks. 

With decades of combined experience streamlining transportation and logistics operations for multinational corporations and governments, Proviniti designs, deploys and manages customized solutions that manufacturers need to navigate a turbulent marketplace.  


Inventory Management

Tokenize inventory units using blockchain, allowing real-time, until level visibility of products.

Last-mile Delivery

Help fulfillment operate on schedule, optimizing hauler routes for on-time deliveries.


Leveraging analytics to minimize fuel consumption and carbon footprints.


Uncover cause and effect of performance bottlenecks, employ data-driven insights and real-time analytics to streamline workflows.

Our clients

Some of the clients we partner with to help build Blockchain applications and services
Blockchain client quote to go in this space soon. This will add some validation to the project and will look good too.
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