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Protect & grow market share with analytics, augmented reality, and customer experience.

Consumers behave much differently today than any other period in history. Proviniti knows that retailers’ success hinges on customer experience.

As online shopping and social commerce behaviors accelerated over the past two years, our developers have embraced augmented reality, a now critical tool that lets consumers experience products in a more granular and contextual way.   

For Chief Financial Officers and their teams, combing Robotic Process and Report Automation with business intelligence and data visualizations frees financial planners and analysts (FP&A) from wasting time on rote, repetitive tasks. Automating manual processes like data entry, analysis, and reporting mitigates the risk of human error while reducing time to insight from weeks to seconds.  

Our intuitive designs empower employees on all levels with the flexibility to produce reports and communicate data-driven updates in seconds. Actionable insights, on-demand, delivers the agility to pivot operations without downtime or productivity loss – an immeasurable competitive advantage.  

Proviniti engineers design solutions tailored to user and use-case. Our team’s deep understanding of analytics, payments, and commerce helps retailers uncover and harness previously inaccessible insights into historical data, real-time trends, and more. Frictionless checkout, for example, requires easy-to-use, secure payment platforms that work from any location and on any device.  

See how Proviniti empowers retailers with augmented reality to enhance customer experience and engagement. Also, check out how we extend the utility of data analytics, visualization, and reporting beyond the realm of analysts, providing self-service access to reliable, accurate data to all lines of business.  


Data Analytics

Collect, analyze, and communicate data intelligence to augment FP&A, marketing, merchandizing, and customer service.

Augmented Reality

Deploy custom AR designed to make the in-store experience engaging - and even contactless.

Customer Experience

Self-service access to insights helps retailers understand and cater to customers.

Payments & Compliance

With decades of experience working with blockchain in finance, we know what it takes to ensure PCI-compliant, secure, swift, and friction-less payments.

Our clients

Some of the clients we partner with to help build Blockchain applications and services
Blockchain client quote to go in this space soon. This will add some validation to the project and will look good too.
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