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Reinventing engagement & connectivity to maximize growth & normalize recurring revenue

The telecom industry is in a constant state of disruption: some good, some not-so-good. Also, the way people consume media is changing as bandwidth-heavy activities such as remote learning, gaming and videoconferencing have spiked over the last few years.

Companies like Uber and Netflix have reset consumer expectations so much so that anything less than uninterrupted, seamless online experiences could lead to customer exodus. Subscribers know that you’re no longer the only game in town. With more choices than ever, brand loyalty is declining.  

Proviniti uses AI to personalize content and service delivery, at scale, across all devices. One of the most widespread applications of AI is determining the optimum video quality per user depending on the network speed. Optimizing bandwidth helps prevent the chances of annoying content buffering, a requisite for meeting expectations of interruption-free consumption.   

AI-powered programmatic ad buying offers marketers the ability to break free from GRP and place smarter ads in front of perfect audiences. In addition, publishers benefit because this type of transaction is more cost-effective than traditional methods based on selling impressions across multiple platforms. Machine learning offers more granular audience segmentation based on behavioral patterns. 

Working with Proviniti helps increase and sustain profitability, innovation velocity, and service provisioning. 

Carriers, MSOs, and ISPs competing for business revenue are adding complementary, technology-centric solutions such as SD-WAN, SaaS, and OTT services to their portfolios. 5G’s long-awaited arrival has created a new paradigm for mobility. In addition to gig-speed internet, organizations can now tap their wireless carriers for productivity platforms and mission-critical applications like Microsoft 365, contact center and UCaaS.   

With hybrid working here to stay, our team’s experience and track record creating innovative, secure, high-performance environments has proven invaluable in migrating service providers and their customers from legacy to cloud.  


Interactive Content

Leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning for personalized content delivery, audience targeting and segmentation

Mobile Productivity

Augmenting wireless carrier portfolios with productivity platforms and cloud-based business communications & collaboration

Application Development & Support

Design and deploy streaming content and applications consumed as-a-service. Manage service and tenant provisioning, user onboarding and experience

Migration Strategies

Helping operators manage migrations from legacy to cloud environments without downtime or friction

Performance, Networking & Redundancy

Optimize bandwidth consumption, network reliability and service environments

Customer Experience

Enhance customer loyalty with value-added services and seamless, jitter-free online experiences

Our clients

Some of the clients we partner with to help build Blockchain applications and services
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