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Why Quickstart is the right option...

Quick start solutions offer a structured consultation to offer prescriptive solutions, when standing up your instance of Included in this program will be prebuilt components to accelerate delivery at minimal cost. Services include guiding you to be able to adopt quickly and the ability to foresee and resolve roadblocks in order to avoid impacts to implementation.

Quick Start Features


Our Salesforce-certified consultants will engage to uncover your needs and expectations for your SalesCloud investment.

We will discuss how your company can best benefit from the SalesCloud solution.

The assessment will create specific deliverables to provide the features that will have the greatest impact on your business.


Within two weeks, we will configure your Salesforce Environment, including:

  • Enable access to Salesforce on browsers and mobile devices.
  • Connect Salesforce to your email to support efficient communication for sales.
  • Configure the sales process to help your team to accelerate closure of deals.
  • Create email templates to increase sales productivity.
  • Provide dashboards for sales and sales management.

Training & Adoption

We will provide training sessions for your team, explaining your specific configuration.

Training materials will be available to support new employees as your business grows.

Following training, Salesforce Administrators familiar with your system will be available for “office hours” to provide one-on-one assistance.

Adoption dashboards will show you who is using the solution and who needs help.

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