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RCG Ventures Unveils New Branding for Proviniti

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Refreshed identity reflects Proviniti’s enhanced portfolio of AI, blockchain, IoT, UX, data analytics, and RPA solutions


RCG Ventures, a wholly owned subsidiary of River Capital Group Holdings, a leading family investment office, today unveiled new branding for its portfolio company, Proviniti. Proviniti is the leading provider of turnkey solutions that transform legacy IT into high-performance, agile environments.

Supported by RCG Ventures’ active investment strategy, Proviniti designs, deploys, and manages customized IT solutions that enhance efficiency, accelerate growth, and increase profitability. The company’s tenured development team leverages best-of-breed technologies in artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, marketing automation, data visualization, Internet of Things (IoT), big data, systems integration, customer experience (CX), and robotic process automation (RPA).

For clientele, such as ShopRite and Spartan Homes, Proviniti provides the technology and expertise that enable agility and deliver the competitive edge to thrive in today’s volatile marketplace.

“Proviniti builds and implements customized solutions that combine user-centric design with best-of-breed technologies, eliminating complexity while fostering user adoption,” said Proviniti Managing Partner, Steven McCaffrey.

“Leading Proviniti is an elite group of highly accomplished executives who are uniquely empowered with the experience and knowledge to help financial institutions, governments, healthcare, manufacturing, and pharma companies adapt operations without sacrificing productivity,” said Vincent Puma, River Capital Group Holdings’ chief executive officer. “Together with Jeff Kaplan, managing partner of RCG Ventures, Proviniti has assembled a team of the foremost experts to help businesses of all sizes and in all markets leverage and deploy new and emerging technologies to give them a competitive advantage and pivot quickly when needed.”

For financial institutions, Proviniti customizes data visualizations that communicate complex insights in comprehensible formats for fund analysis, reporting, and risk assessments. The company designs and implements AI-powered financial models that enable M&A and capital markets professionals to rapidly forecast outcomes based on numerous scenarios, providing timely, trustworthy analyses.

“What is unique about Proviniti is its team’s understanding of how blockchain, AI and big data technologies can be applied in myriad use-cases for companies of all sizes,” said Jeff Kaplan. “This insight allows Proviniti to successfully implement turnkey solutions for clients, affecting positive change that strengthens bottom lines.

“Of particular note is the team’s expertise and unparalleled track record helping organizations design, deploy, and manage blockchain solutions,” added Kaplan. “Leveraging blockchain, Proviniti helps organizations overcome breakdowns across supply chains, logistics, and fulfillment, mitigating shortages in household goods, car parts, pharmaceuticals, and chip technology. In addition, whether bringing reconciliation time of financial transactions, or creating marketplaces for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Proviniti brings the technical and industry acumen to seamlessly integrate blockchain into their businesses.”


Backed by RCG Ventures, the active investment arm of River Capital Group Holdings, a leading family investment office, Proviniti provides turnkey solutions that transform corporate IT into to high-performance, agile environments. Our tenured development team leverages best-of-breed technologies in artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, marketing automation, data visualization, Internet of Things (IoT), big data, and robotic process automation (RPA).


RCG Ventures (RCGV) is a wholly owned subsidiary of River Capital Group Holdings (River Capital), a leading family investment office. RCGV represents an active investment strategy that combines access to capital with management resources, infrastructure, an expansive global business network, and hands-on strategic guidance from an elite, tenured team of business, financial, marketing, operations, and capital markets leaders. Our target partners develop breakthrough innovations in blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), big data, workforce services, Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics, and extended reality (XR).

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Founded in 2013, River Capital Group Holdings (RCGH) is a leading family investment office headquartered in Manhattan, NY. In addition to funding, River Capital Group also offers strategic counsel, management resources, and access to its expansive network of capital markets, finance, and institutional investment professionals, without requiring partner companies to cede operational control. River Capital Group makes opportunistic investments in growth companies with investments ranging from five hundred thousand to $50 million. Specifically, RCGH identifies forward-thinking companies for which its capital, financial expertise, and relationships would add both significant quantitative and qualitative value.

River Capital Group Holdings is industry agnostic with a track record of backing and supporting companies that deliver above average returns and exceed industry expectations. Invested capital is only that of River Capital Group Holdings’ principals.

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