AI, RPA, and Contact Center


Purpose of AI, RPA & Contact Centers

The contact center is one of the key inflection points that an organization has with customers across the customer lifecycle. As more artificial intelligence, apps, and other digital innovations take on customer-facing roles, the idea of the contact center broadens. It is our belief that a customer should not know more about their relationship with a company than the company’s employees. That thinking can be as simple as not having to repeat your account number to three people - or machines - on a single call, to more nuanced use cases that leverage learnings to inform an agent that a customer’s last purchase resulted in a return because the sizing was unclear.

Proviniti’s AI, RPA & Contact Center Practice

Proviniti’s AI, RPA, & Contact Center practice strives to integrate the learnings and data that is shared by customers into agile systems that utilize information to impact the customer experience. Our practice leverages deep experience with the traditional contact center, and, expertise in the evolving intelligence of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), BOTs, Machine Learning, NLP, Apps, and other tools to inform contextual road maps for our clients to use as they evolve to run best practices organizations. We help our clients design customer experiences leveraging the best processes, tools, and thought leadership in the marketplace.