Is your company ready for Blockchain – A disruptive revolution is coming!

Imagine that a single computer in your company can be the golden copy of the truth for the storage of events, asset ownership – including the activities surrounding this ownership, and the workflows needed to keep this data in synch with multiple other companies – without the need for large databases and supporting systems. Oh, and with no reconciliations needed! This is the world of blockchain and it will fundamentally alter the way digital services are executed and provided across all industries and across the globe.

What is Blockchain?

A blockchain is a digital ledger for recording transactions that is distributed and updated by multiple actors/contributors in the business process in real time, in a decentralized format so that everyone contributing to the chain can “see” the in real time. Blockchain does not require massive centralized databases and supporting systems to operate. It uses the power of computing you already have to complete its tasks and fulfill its value proposition

What is really happening with Blockchain applications today?

Many start-ups and established companies across all industries are hard at work building a new generation of highly automated digital, distributed and decentralized systems, solutions and services. This has lead to significant speculation and hype that has reached fever pitch! Our team of reality focused specialists are focused on separating the hype from the reality.

Our offering

Proviniti offers a wide range of services from introductory training, strategic advisory and assisted prototyping right through to the delivery of production-ready enterprise solutions in conjunction with our partners, r3. We are here to talk to you about how to transform your business!