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Data Analytics for Data-Driven Markets

With Big Data comes Big Opportunity. Proviniti empowers organizations to create business value from data and analytics, unlocking competitive advantage with solutions that provide accurate, real-time intelligence for informed decision-making.

In a data-driven world, Proviniti knows that fluency in data analytics is elemental to maximizing performance in marketing, manufacturing, banking and financial services, and Pharma. We help companies accelerate data-literacy, leveraging AI-powered technologies like robotic process automation (RPA) and data visualization to not only cut costs, save time and improve efficiency, but to also mitigate risks of inaccuracies that hinder performance.  

Proviniti’s experience supporting the world’s most forward-thinking enterprises harness the power of data analytics is unparalleled. From retail and CPG to pharma and finance, Proviniti creates solutions that help optimize services, maximize product performance, and improve business outcomes. 


Data analytics can reveal trends and performance metrics that would otherwise be lost in the quagmire of available information. Proviniti helps customers combat data deluge with holistic solutions that collect, cleanse, integrate, and analyze petabytes of unstructured and structured data, extracting critical insights in seconds.
  • Identify stakeholder needs, data literacy comprehension, ROI, and business value 
  • Align data analytics design/UX with line-of-business and desired outcomes. 
  • Install best practices for both batch and real-time processing that collects, stores, and analyzes data, continuously updating end-users without any lag. 
  • Align data governance, data quality with the overarching platform objectives, establishing benchmarks for measuring business value 
  • Leverage AI Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platforms like UiPath to collect and organize data into structured formats, mitigating risk of human error.  
  • Determine optimal communications media, customizing data visualization and business intelligence dashboards such as Tableau and DOMO. 


Proviniti understands that successful data analytics solutions must synchronize modeling with business value and stakeholder needs.
  • Activate models designed to uncover trends in data 
  • Support user-onboarding and training, creating an environment of self-service access to real-time insights and actionable intelligence  
  • Ensure integrity of connections to databases and that APIs are feeding the right information from platforms, such as Salesforce, to correct end points 
  • Test machine learning algorithms, customizing data visualizations for user and use-case 
  • Employ security best practices to prevent unauthorized access to private data 


Analytics are only helpful with the assurance of uncompromised data quality and timeliness. In addition, with the volume of data being analyzed continuously growing, data storage and compute environments must have the capacity to maximize performance today, with the ability to scale to meet future needs.
  • Maintain accuracy and timeliness of of data  
  • Oversee data governance, ensuring compliance with GDPR, HIPAA and FINRA mandates.  
  • Further data understanding among end-users, maximizing adoption of intelligence, performance benchmarks 
  • Adapt dashboard visualizations to maximize visibility, enabling cross-departmental data understanding, fostering collaboration and faster decision making. 


Our clients

Some of the clients we partner with to help build Blockchain applications and services
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