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Turn Siloed Data into real-time, dynamic visual metrics

Proviniti has leveraged AI to provide streams of data from disparate sources to build and manage custom dashboards to predict future trends and foster a competitive advantage.

Companies today have domains of data, yet most of it is locked in siloed systems within the company, making correlation decision-making hard. Often times, the answer is “I don’t have that data” or “I’ll have to get back to you to determine root cause, as we need to look at data from different sources”. This can become a thing of the past as decision makers can have access to data in real-time, in dashboards that can complete various data sources, making decisions quicker, more efficient and more intelligence based.  

Proviniti leverages best of breed tools to stream data from your systems and provide dashboards that tell a real-time story of what is happening within the company. This, coupled with the ability to drill down root causes, provides the ability to pivot quickly or invest in areas of the business that are exploding.  


The key to implementing Data Visualization is planning and design. Proviniti takes a hands-on approach which sets you up for success. Assessing the impact of data sources, the ability to stream them and looking at the data itself is a core part of the design process. In parallel, Proviniti works on the front-end design to ensure the dashboards are specific to the function and are user friendly and if there are any custom requirements.  


In the deployment phase, Proviniti leverages our expertise in back-end implementation, coupled with our awardwinning UI/UX team to provide a turnkey end to end solutions to meet your business, compliance and User needs.  


Proviniti can provide Day 2 management. For some companiesthat will be in the form of blocks of hours to add or change dashboards, or help interpret data, for some it might be management of the full system as an extension of your team. 

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Some of the clients we partner with to help build Blockchain applications and services
Blockchain client quote to go in this space soon. This will add some validation to the project and will look good too.
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