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RPA helps employees focus on strategic tasks, gain efficiencies, reduce costs & increase revenues.

Proviniti has expertise in Deploying RPA solutions utilizing Next Generation Toolsets such as UIPath and Blue Prism, while automating various workforce management functions for our customers, resulting in more efficient workflows.

RPA can bring business benefits across all sectors, including contact centers, where human talent will still be prevalent, even as automation rises. Reports have found that the majority of customer-care leaders think new technology won’t reduce the need for human skills while some even believe that they will need to hire new agents as the customer satisfaction will result in more retained and satisfied customers. Every contact center agent needs to rapidly access multiple data sources in real-time and a software robot will significantly boost both speed and accuracy, delivering increased job satisfaction for agents.  

RPA can also help with the considerable number of administrative tasks brought in during and after each call, again enabling call center workers to save time and increase client satisfaction. 


The keys to implementing RPA Solutions are planning and design. It is paramount that the overall architecture is understood both from an IT and business perspective. Business and Compliance requirements must be mapped to form the appropriate solutions. Proviniti is technology agnostic which allows us to identify the most cost effecting solution for your business. 


In the deployment phase, Proviniti leverages our data scientist and expertise in back end implementation, coupled with our award-winning UI/UX team to provide a turnkey end to end solutions to meet your business, compliance and User needs. Since we have vast experience in many different systems, we can smoothly integrate them into your environment. 


Proviniti can provide Day 2 management. For some companies that will be in the form of blocks of hours to interpret data or build new algorithms or tweak AI applications, for some it might be management of the full system as an extension of your team.  

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Some of the clients we partner with to help build Blockchain applications and services
Blockchain client quote to go in this space soon. This will add some validation to the project and will look good too.
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