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Providing the disruptive technology for modern healthcare & clinical care

Society is at the tipping point for digital transformation in healthcare. Current events have accelerated the need for innovations in patient engagement, clinical care, administration, and operating models.

Proviniti understands the strategic importance of technology in healthcare. Having spent decades supporting the world’s foremost facilities, our team has the technical and industry acumen to develop solutions that leverage data analytics, artificial intelligence, IoT, and secure cloud services that empower caregivers to adapt their practices while consistently meeting patient expectations.

Proviniti’s expertise with blockchain ensures that private patient medical records stay private, and that data management policies comply with HIPAA regulations. Our uncompromising commitment to intuitive UX fosters adoption in clinical, administrative, and logistics settings; we make it easy for physicians, financial officers, and pharma suppliers to quickly access real-time intelligence and make data-driven decisions that improve outcomes.

Social distancing, stay-at-home mandates, and a rise in staffing shortages require organizations to think outside-the-box if they want to maintain – if not improve – productivity and efficiency across the continuum of care. Telehealth, for example, is increasingly popular with mental professionals who can securely treat patients via video communications.

Augmented reality applications facilitate education and training in which students and trainees visualize and engage in various scenarios, virtually. Physicians also use AR to help patients understand procedures and the surgical and how medication affects treatment.


Data Management

Tokenize medical records using blockchain, ensuring security, HIPAA-compliance, and real-time data management.


Leverage analytics to uncover operational efficiencies and solve performance bottlenecks, cut unnecessary expenses, and optimize workforces.

Augmented Reality

Simulate medical procedures for students and patient education, and non-clinical, OSHA-approved training scenarios for staff.

Remote Care

Design and deploy intuitive telehealth applications that are secure and easy-to-manage.

Our clients

Some of the clients we partner with to help build Blockchain applications and services
Blockchain client quote to go in this space soon. This will add some validation to the project and will look good too.
‑ Joe client / Managing Director of Acme Co