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Blockchain solutions that meet customer needs today & their vision for tomorrow

Proviniti builds & scales solutions for enterprise and government clientele, harnessing the benefits of distributed ledgers & decentralized computing.

Our work with global consortiums like Elandbridge helped develop a proven and deliverable platform for frictionless borders, leveraging blockchain to eliminate the complexities of information sharing in post-Brexit, cross-border commerce, logistics, and transportation. Having spent years leading institutions like Bank of America, CitiGroup, Fiserv, First Data, Salesforce, and AT&T, Proviniti’s expertise and track record helping organizations design, deploy, and manage Blockchain solutions is unparalleled. Whether bringing much-needed resilience and transparency to supply chains, reducing costs, risk, and reconciliation time of financial transactions, or creating marketplaces for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), our team brings the technical and industry acumen to seamlessly integrate Blockchain into their businesses


Proviniti helps you ideate and actualize “the art of the possible.” If you can imagine it, we can design it
  • Public and Private Enterprise Blockchains designed to your specifications. 
  • Extensive experience with Ethereum, and partnerships with proven industry leaders such as R3 and Corda  
  • Conduct assessments and define roadmap
  • Create UX/UI design, aligning features and functionality with user needs
  • DeFi
  • dApps
  • Custom NFT Exchanges
  • Minting and storage of Tokens
  • Real-time, Tokenized Payments 


From pharma to finance, Proviniti deploys Blockchain solutions that strengthen the bottom line.
  • Proviniti’s expertise in regulated markets such as finance and healthcare ensure compliance with industry mandates like FINRA and HIPAA.  
  • During rollouts, our professional services team oversees data transfer and integration with existing systems.
  • User onboarding, training and ongoing support.
  • Marketing and demand generation 


Fortune 500 enterprises entrust Proviniti to maintain and optimize performance of their blockchain products and platforms
  • Monitor and adapt compute resources, as needed, to address evolving needs, fluctuating demand, and scale.
  • Proviniti maintains platform stability, network resilience, and redundancy.
  • Our team prevents epic failures so that during a highly publicized and trafficked NFT/blockchain platform activities 

Our clients

Some of the clients we partner with to help build Blockchain applications & services
Blockchain is helping to take our products and services to the next level.

‑ Ibrahim Jackson, Managing Partner HCM