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CardWorks Merchant Services is a leading American payments company, providing payment acceptance, point of sale solutions and payment gateway services to thousands of small business clients.

As a leading consumer firm, Cardworks services consumer and small business loan clients across the credit spectrum, from super-prime to non-prime, and provide comprehensive support to bank and non-bank lenders in the United States and Canada. Their management expertise and customized servicing solutions enable banks and financial institutions to mitigate risk, increase profitability, and support their customers.


CardWorks knew the importance of making informed and timely decisions on platform architecture, however it was challenged to have a broad and easily available set of information. Why?

  • Data lived on desktops, spreadsheets among a few key personnel
  • Data and information was purpose built and used along job function
  • Data took to long to compile and assemble
  • No existing infrastructure to support a data and analytics environment


Proviniti engineers were first brought in to assess CardWorks current platform needs as well as potential future needs. Our recommendations were evaluated, and an actionalable platform strategy was defined and a dedicated front-end and back-end development teams was deployed.


Infrastructure to Support Automation: Proviniti’s infrastructure engineers stepped in to design and implement a fully PCI compliant virtual private cloud on AWS. This infrastructure continues to support CardWorks ongoing technology needs.

Integrated Data: Provinit’s data engineers designed a fully integrated data warehouse built upon Microsoft’s SQL Server platform. This data warehouse normalizes dozens of disparate data sources into a fully normalized, consistent and high-performance data environment.

Single Source of the Truth: Proviniti’s data analysts, business intelligence engineers and software developers created an end to end solution that allows CardWorks to maintain all of their referential data in a consistent , governed and auditable manner.

Automated Dashboards and Reports: Leveraging the power of Information Builder’s WebFOCUS Business Intelligence platform, Provniti’s business intelligence engineer’s and architects, implemented a full suite of self-service dashboards.

Card Works
Card Works
From super-prime to non-prime, CardWorks offers comprehensive support to bank and non-bank lenders in the United States and Canada.
“We knew the importance of having information readily available to make better decisions. Before Proviniti we struggled to rationalize all of the data points to do so. Proviniti, provided the thought leadership and technical know how to deliver a best-in-class solution”
- Michael Kelly, Vice President IT | CardWorks Merchant Services