Industry / Manufacturing

Transform manufacturing with solutions that combine automation, analytics, AI, & workforce optimization.

Proviniti designs and implements AI-powered, intuitive data analytics solutions that enable manufacturers in pharma, consumer goods, technology, and other industries to uncover authentic performance metrics.

In data-driven markets, it’s critical for all stakeholders to be data-literate. This is especially true for manufacturing environments where disparate entities integrated throughout the value chain create natural siloes.

Proviniti’s award-winning design and development teams build user friendly systems that convey insights, performance metrics, and quality control ratings. Aggregating data visualizations on a single dashboard provides holistic views into all processes under management. Self-service analytics, accessible from any location and device via secure cloud service environments, also enhance quality assurance by making it easy for supervisors to know what’s really going on at any given time – regardless of their location.

Proviniti implementations provide transparency, real-time visibility of business performance, quality assurance, and adherence to safety protocols and OSHA compliance. Smart IoT devices

monitor equipment health and performance, immediately notifying appropriate personnel when performance drops below acceptable parameters.

Leveraging AI-powered, predictive analytics that accurately expose issues before they manifest into catastrophic failures offer immeasurable value.


Strategic Planning: Design, Deploy, Manage

Conduct thorough initial assessment of pain points, users and use-case, and goals for improving outcomes that strengthen the bottom line.

RPA, Intelligent Automation & Workforce Optimization

Digitize dated workflows with RPA, machine learning, and artificial intelligence identify bottlenecks and time-consuming manual tasks than can be automated, adding precision and speed while freeing personnel to focus on customer expectations and experience.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Enhance inventory, procurement, and supply chain management, providing real-time, unit level visibility into storage, logistics, fulfillment, payments, and delivery.

AI, IoT & Data Management

Monitor equipment health and performance with IoT sensors that alert workers to fluctuations outside acceptable parameters. Embedded AI and predictive analytics trigger alerts for preventive maintenance.

Our clients

Some of the clients we partner with to help build Blockchain applications and services
Blockchain client quote to go in this space soon. This will add some validation to the project and will look good too.
‑ Joe client / Managing Director of Acme Co